Freedom of Religion or Belief in Southeast Asia

Freedom of Religion or Belief Toolkit for Parliamentarians in Asia

Freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) faces a unique and growing set of challenges. Rapid access to the internet and social media has led to new online venues to harass people of various faiths with little or no consequence for the perpetrators.

Increasing political polarization severely curtails the ability of even well-meaning governments to address this issue. In light of these challenges, it is clear that more must be done, sooner, and with greater efficacy and sustained impact to ensure incidences of religious intolerance become outliers, rather than a harmful new normal.

Politicians and activists are actively engaged in protecting religious freedom and are seeking to amplify their impact, but face a dearth of resources, lack of institutional expertise and few channels for sharing best practices regionally and internationally. This website compiles resources, expertise, networks and toolkits to guide legislators and others seeking to promote FoRB in Asia. 


Introductory Guides to Freedom of Religion or Belief

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 FoRB Developments in Southeast Asia


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