A Guide for Parliamentarians Promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief

States bear responsibility for ensuring that human rights are realized, and resources are now developed specifically to enable parliamentarians to advocate for the right to freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) more effectively through increasing their understanding of FoRB and the national, regional and international mechanisms at their disposal for promoting and protecting this right.

The IPPFoRB toolkit provides guidance on ways to support FoRB, including parliamentary mechanisms such as: drafting formal letters, giving statements, holding debates and hearings, advancing legislation, organizing constituent activities, and forming cross party groups, caucuses, coalitions and committees. MPs can also utilize other tools like engaging the media, civil society organizations, and human rights commissions, as well as international legal frameworks and regional human rights networks. To learn more, visit IPPFoRB’s toolkit:

FoRB Learning Platform

The Nordic Ecumenical Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief (NORFoRB) has also developed a learning platform providing useful information and resources for individuals interested in supporting FoRB. The platform includes films and written content for educators, theologians, legislators, diplomats and the media. To learn more, visit FoRB Learning Platform: