‘Hate Speech’ Explained: A Toolkit


“In this toolkit, ARTICLE 19 provides a guide to identifying ‘hate speech’ and how effectively counter it, while protecting the rights to freedom of expression and equality. It responds to a growing demand for clear guidance on identifying ‘hate speech,’ and for responding to the challenges ‘hate speech’ poses within a human rights framework. As such, it addresses three key questions:

1. How do we identify ‘hate speech’ that can be restricted, and distinguish it from protected speech?

2. What positive measures can States and others take to counter ‘hate speech’?

3. Which types of ‘hate speech’ should be prohibited by States, and under which circumstances?

The toolkit is guided by the principle that coordinated and focused action taken to promote the rights to freedom of expression and equality is essential for fostering a tolerant, pluralistic and diverse democratic society in which all human rights can be realised for all people. It is informed by, and builds upon, ARTICLE 19’s existing policy work in this field.”

For more information, read ‘Hate Speech’ Explained: A Toolkit.